martes, 6 de julio de 2010

Yves saint laurent!

Yves Henri Donat Dave Mathieu Saint Laurent was a designer fashion business and French , founder of the namesake brand clothing haute couture .
In 1950 , Saint Laurent sent three designs to Paris, a competition organized by the International Wool Secretariat. He was in third position, and went to receive the award with his mother. His designs surprised Michel de Brunhoff, editor of Vogue , who recommended him to study at the Chambre Syndicale of Couture. Saint Laurent made his case and after graduating in Oran, he moved to Paris, but left the course after a few months, disappointed.
In 1951 he participated in the contest of the International Secretariat, and this time the winner, defeating a young Karl Lagerfeld . More designs sent to De Brunhoff, who saw in them similarities to a set designer: Christian Dior . The head of Vogue sent these designs to Dior, who instantly saw Saint Laurent's talent and decided sumarle to his workshop.
In 18 years, Saint Laurent began working for Dior, although its initial tasks were rather prosaic: the study and design decorate some accessories. Surprisingly, Christian Dior chose him as his successor in office as chief designer of the house. Saint Laurent and his mother were surprised by the decision of Dior, who looked too young to retire. Died of a heart attack that year.
In 1957, at 21 years, Saint Laurent became the youngest fashion designer in French couture. His spring 1958 collection of resounding success achieved by extending the style coined by Dior New Look.

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